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Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

2003 Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

December 2003 - What is the Cost for Noncompliance?

November 2003 - Requests for Public Records (Must Citizens Show Up in Person?)

October 2003 - Closed Sessions: Who's Left Inside When the Doors Close?

September 2003 - "All in Favor, Say Aye . . ." Governmental bodies should conduct votes in a manner that ensures the public is informed and officials are accountable.

August 2003 - When Are Public Records Available for Examination and Copying?

July 2003 - Counting Heads at a Public Meeting: How Many Officials are Needed for a Quorum?

June 2003 - Who Has Access to Personal Information Citizens Provide to State Agencies?

May 2003 - Are resumes and application letters submitted to government bodies public records?

April 2003 - Recording What Goes on Behind Closed Doors.

March 2003 - Are Advisory Bodies Subject to Iowa's Open Meetings Law?

February 2003 - Access to Personnel Records of Public Employees: What's Open? What's Not?

January 2003 - Rules of Conduct for Open Meetings: Tips to Strengthen Citizen Participation