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2014 Consumer News Releases

December 2014

12-22-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Call for Stricter Predatory Lending Protections for Service Members
12-19-14 T-Mobile to Refund Iowans under $90 Million Nationwide Cramming Settlement
12-18-14 Consumer Alert: Iowans Report Surge of Government Imposter Scams
12-04-14 SiriusXM to Refund Eligible Iowans over Misleading Advertising and Billing
12-03-14 Iowa Judge Bars Las Vegas Telemarketer from Selling Health Products to Iowans

October 2014

10-23-14 Amazon Agrees to Refund 1,100 Iowa Amazon Prime Customers
10-20-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Urge Senate Judiciary Committee to Support Act Targeting Online Child Exploitation
10-16-14 Iowa Judge Bars Las Vegas Health Products Marketer
10-08-14 Miller, States and Federal Regulators Reach $105 Million “Mobile Cramming” Settlement with AT&T Mobility
10-06-14 State Revokes California Online Lender’s License, Orders $1.5 Million Restitution for Iowa Borrowers

September 2014

9-30-14 Judge Bars Las Vegas “Cancer Cure” Pill Telemarketers
9-17-14 Iowans Receiving Buying Club Refunds
9-09-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Urge FCC to Allow Phone Companies to Use Call-Blocking Technologies
9-04-14 Consumer Alert: Miller Urges Iowa’s Home Depot Customers to Monitor Credit Accounts

August 2014

8-28-14 Attorney General Files Consumer Fraud Lawsuit against La’ James International College
8-25-14 New National “truth” Ads Target Teen Tobacco Use
8-07-14 Iowa Joins $35 Million Drug Settlement

July 2014

7-29-14 Abusive Military Consumer Lender to Stop Collecting from Service Members & Veterans, Must Erase Debts & Repair Credit
7-28-14 Ex-Securities Agent Extradited from Texas to Face Iowa Charges
7-18-14 Attorney General Asks Judge to Order Supplement Company to Halt Iowa Sales, Respond to Consumer Fraud Investigation
7-18-14 Judge Halts Company’s Iowa Sales of “Cancer Cure” Spray

June 2014

6-18-14 Thousands of Iowans to Receive Refunds in Buying Club Case
6-17-14 Miller Reaches $550 Million Joint State-Federal Settlement with SunTrust to Address Mortgage Loan Origination, Servicing, and Foreclosure Abuses
6-06-14 Miller Warns of Storm-Related Scam Potential
6-06-14 Buying Club Company Agrees to Refund Iowa Consumers for Monthly “Membership” Charges
6-04-14 Miller, 43 State Attorneys General Reach $105 Million Consumer Settlement over Drug Marketing

May 2014

5-30-14 Judge Bars Eastern Iowa Contractor from Home Construction and Repair Work, Orders Payments to Customers
5-27-14 Judge Orders Lyon County Cattle Producer to Pay $12,000 for Water Pollution & Animal Feedlot Violations
5-21-14 Consumer Alert: Miller Urges eBay Users to Change Passwords
5-16-14 Ashford University and Parent Company Bridgepoint Education Agree to $7.25 Million Payment and Major Changes after Miller Alleges Consumer Fraud

March 2014

3-25-14 Miller, Attorneys General Settle with Phusion Over “Four Loko”
3-05-14 Consumer Alert: Miller Warns of IRS Scam
3-04-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Urge CFPB to Adopt Rules to Address Debt Collection Practices

February 2014

2-09-14 Top 2013 Consumer Complaint: Home Mortgages

2-05-14 Miller Applauds CVS Decision to Quit Tobacco Sales, Urges Others to Follow Lead

January 2014

1-27-14 Miller, Attorneys General Urge U.S. Trade Representative to Protect States' Ability to Regulate Tobacco
1-14-14 Miller Urges Free Credit Monitoring for Target Customers