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Consumer News Releases

2013 Consumer News Releases

December 2013

12-12-13 Used Car Dealer Agrees to Refund

November 2013

11-21-13 Four Wireless Carriers to Stop Most Third-Party Billing
11-18-13 Google Pays State $275,000 in Settlement
11-18-13 Judge Bars Florida Fundraiser from Soliciting Iowans
11-15-13 Miller Cautions Iowans About Typhoon Relief Scams
11-12-13 Miller Urges Smartphone Manufacturers to Help Curb Thefts
11-04-13 Miller Calls on Legislature to Address E-Cigarettes

October 2013

10-30-13 Miller Warns of Deceptive Claims Tied to Affordable Care Act
10-29-13 Iowans Eligible for Money through MoneyGram Scam Fund
10-23-13 Judge Bars Arizona Company from Calling Iowans
10-21-13 Judge Bars Massachusetts Fundraiser from Soliciting to Iowans
10-18-13 Judge Orders JCPenney Affiliates to Pay 2.7M in Buying Club Case
10-10-13 Miller Settles with Affinion Group for more than $5 Million
10-02-13 Banks Face Four New Mortgage Servicing Enforcement Tests through National Mortgage Settlement

September 2013

9-24-13 Miller Calls on FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes, Prohibit Sales to Minors
9-17-13 Consumer Alert: Scammers Using Attorney General Logo & Name in “ATM MasterCard Alert”
9-13-13 Miller Sues Two Arizona Telemarketers for Misleading Iowans in the Name of Disabled Workers and Veterans
9-13-13 Statement by Attorney General Miller on the Death of Rockwell City Police Officer Jamie Buenting
9-06-13 California Online Merchant to Refund Iowa Consumers

August 2013

8-30-13 Microsoft Support Scam Targets Iowans
8-22-13 Latest Mortgage Settlement Report: Banks Provide Nearly $40 Million in Settlement Relief to Iowa Homeowners

June 2013

6-27-13 Minnesota Mail Order Company to Refund Membership Charges

May 2013

5-21-13 Consumer Alert: Oklahoma Tornado Relief Scams
5-08-13 Judge Bars Michigan Fundraiser from Calling Iowans Until it Complies with Iowa Subpoena

April 2013

4-24-13 Attorney General Warns Iowa Flood & Storm Victims to Beware of Scams
4-19-13 State Reaches Hog Production Agreement with Texas Farm LLC
4-19-13 Attorney General’s Office Celebrates 2013 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 21-27)
4-16-13 Judge Bars Iowa Telemarketer from Iowa Fundraising
4-9-13 Miller Joins Bipartisan Coalition of State Attorneys General Urging Congress to Act on Immigration Reform
4-2-13 Consumer Alert: Iowans Report Health Benefits Scam

March 2013

3-27-13 Miller Calls on U.S. Senate to Approve CFPB Director Cordray Nomination, Welcomes Cordray to Iowa for Thursday Public CFPB Hearing
3-25-13 Sound-Alike Government Property Records Company Must Stop Iowa Marketing & Billing
3-15-13 Miller Announces Support for U.S. Senate Bill that Targets For-Profit College Recruiting Budgets
3-11-13 Miller, State Attorneys General Call on FDA to Strengthen Efforts on Tamper-Resistant Painkillers

February 2013

2-21-13 Latest Mortgage Settlement Report: Banks Provide Nearly $32 Million in Settlement Relief to Iowa Homeowners
2-14-13 Miller Settles with Toyota in Unintended Acceleration Case
2-05-13 Miller Files Lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s: Lawsuit part of bipartisan multistate & federal civil enforcement actions, alleges S&P’s ratings services “compromised”

January 2013

1-31-13 Iowa Part of $120 Million Settlement with Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS)
1-24-13 Miller Supports Cordray for CFPB Post
1-15-13 Judge Bars Louisiana Man and Defunct Company from Marketing or Selling Vehicles in Iowa
1-9-13 eMusic Agrees to Refunds, More Disclosures about Monthly Music Downloading Memberships
1-4-13 Payment Claim Deadline Nears for Qualified Iowa Borrowers Who Lost Homes to Foreclosure
1-2-13 Miller Pleased Congress Extends Debt Forgiveness Relief Law in “Fiscal Cliff” Deal