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2010 Consumer News Releases


December 2010

12-29-10 "People to People Student Ambassador" Program Changes Marketing
12-20-10 U.S. Attorney Klinefeldt and Iowa Attorney General Miller Announce Federal-State Partnership to Combat Mortgage Fraud in the Southern District of Iowa
12-15-10 Miller Settles with DIRECTV
12-08-10 Attorney General Alleges Unfair and Deceptive Practices by Fundraisers, Group Agrees to Changes
12-03-10 Miller Seeks Subpoena Enforcement Against Clinton County Used Car Dealer
12-01-10 Judge Orders Minnesota Contractor to Change Business Practices, Follow State Consumer Laws

November 2010

11-24-10 Miller Sues Trilegiant Buying Club, Alleges Iowans Unwittingly Enrolled, Charged for “Memberships”. 
11-17-10 FDA Responds to Miller’s Request to Target Alcoholic Energy Drinks 
11-16-10 AG Miller’s testimony before banking committee on 11/16/2010.  
11-8-10 Former U.S. Fidelis Owners Barred from Telemarketing or Selling Auto Service Contracts in Iowa, Ten Other States 

October 2010

10-28-10 Ferrellgas Agrees to Change Marketing, Pricing Practices in Iowa 
10-27-10 Miller Lawsuit Results in Halt of Buying Club Operation’s Deceptive Practices Nationwide, Company Confirms 
10-26-10 Satellite TV Seller Agrees to Change Practices  
10-13-10 Miller Leads 50 State Mortgage Foreclosure Group 
10-8-10 Bank of America Responds to Miller’s Requestm 
10-7-10 Miller Requests Mortgage Companies to Halt Iowa Foreclosures 
10-4-10 Miller Effort Results in Major Credit Card Settlement, Lawsuit to Benefit Both Companies and Consumers 

September 2010

9-24-10 Miller Launches Ally/GMAC Foreclosure Probe 

9-22-10 Miller Pleased with Federal Plea Stemming from Iowa AG’s Action Against Predatory Auto Dealer 

9-13-10 Professional Fundraiser Agrees to Conditions for Future Fundraising 

9-9-10 Magazine Seller Agrees to Refunds, Relinquish Iowa Marketing, and Refrain from Future Violations 

9-8-10 Attorney General Settles with Former Payment Processing Company President 

9-8-10 Miller Offers Help for Iowans as State Foreclosure Rate Hits Record 

9-1-10 Miller: “Grandparent Scam” Again Targets Older Iowans

August 2010

8-24-10 Miller Calls on Craigslist to Pull "Adult Services" Ads  

8-24-10 Redefault Rates on Loan Modifications Improving, Says State Foreclosure Prevention Working Group 
8-18-10 Buying Club Agrees to Comply with Iowa Laws, $225,000 Payment to State 

8-16-10 With Floods Come Flood Scams 

8-13-10 Miller: Michigan Fundraiser Violates Consumer Fraud Act 

July 2010

7-29-10 Attorney General Renews Call for Charitable Solicitations Act 

7-29-10 Miller Forces Indiana Professional Fundraiser to Stop Calling Iowans 

7-29-10 Attorney General Seeks Court Enforcement Against Wisconsin Fundraiser 

7-29-10 Attorney General Shuts Down Professional Iowa Fundraiser 

7-21-10 Miller: New Financial Reform Law ‘A Great Day’ 

7-15-10 Miller Applauds Passage of Financial Reform Bill 

7-13-10 Miller Urges Senate to Pass Financial Reform Bill 

June 2010

6-30-10 Disaster Declarations Prompt Price-Gouging Rule  

6-24-10 Computer Chip Makers to Pay $173 Million to Resolve Antitrust Allegations by 33 States  

6-17-10 “Operation Stolen Dreams”  

6-8-10   Iowa A.G.: Beware of Medicare Scams 

May 2010

5-14-10 A.G. Suit Alleges Deceptive Auto Sales Ads  

April 2010

4-30-10 New Law to Protect Consumers Whose Cars are “Held Hostage” by Repair Shopss 

4-29-10 A.G. Alleges Fraud by Auto “Warranty” Company called U.S. Fideliss 

4-7-10   Valero agrees to prevent tobacco sales to kids 

March 2010

3-23-10 Court: Vertrue Violated Iowa Consumer Fraud Laws in “Sales” to 497,000 Iowanss 

3-19-10 States and FTC Challenge Identity Theft Ads and Sales Tactics used by “LifeLock, Inc.” 

3-18-10 Judge Dissolves “United Youth Careers” . 

3-09-10 States and FTC Challenge Identity Theft Ads and Sales Tactics used by “LifeLock, Inc.” 

3-01-10 State AGs Push for a Strong federal Consumer Financial Protection Agencys 

February 2010

2-26-10 Toyota Assures States that it will Accommodate Customers Nationwide who are Subject to Recallss 

2-22-10 New Protections for Credit Card Consumerss 

2-12-10 State Treasurer and Attorney General Settle with Sprint over Iowans’ Uncashed Rebate Checkss 

January 2010

1-25-10 Ticketmaster Merger OK’d – But With Conditions to Bolster Competition in Ticket Business s 

1-22-10 Price-Gouging Rule in Effect in Storm-Damaged Countiess 

1-20-10 States: Six of Ten Delinquent Borrowers Are Not Involved in Loss-Mitigation Efforts s