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Consumer News Releases

2007 Consumer News Releases

December 2007

12-20-07 Miller: Enact Iowa Consumer Rights Act
12-13-07 Iowa Attorney General’s Office Statement on Pigeon King International, Inc.

October 2007

10-24-07 Kroger Co. Agrees to Steps to Block Tobacco Sales to Minors

September 2007

09-11-07 New Iowa “Foreclosure Hotline” -- 877-622-4866
09-07-07 Court Bars Wolfords from Any Real Estate or Securities Business

August 2007

08-21-07 Thirty State Attorneys General Ask Feds to Act on Youth-Oriented Advertising for Alcoholic Energy Drinks.

May 2007

05-4-07 A.G Miller: Sweepstakes Mail Threatens Older Iowans: Sweepstakes are causing an enormous drain and hardship for many Iowans.

March 2007

03-30-07 Attorney General's Office Sounds Warning: Sweepstakes Mail Threatens Older Iowans.
03-2-07 Storm Warning: Be Wary of Impostors Posing as Utility Workers.

February 2007

02-20-07 Williams Oil Co. in Stuart Ordered to Pay $20,000 Penalty and Continue Cleanup at Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Site.
02-13-07 Miller Asks Lawmakers to Tackle Predatory Mortgage Lending.
02-6-07 States Obtain $90 Million for Consumers Harmed by Alleged Semiconductor Price-Fixing Conspiracy.
02-2-07 Criminal Water-Pollution Charges Filed Naming Red Giant Oil Company and Searle Petroleum Company of Council Bluffs.
02-1-07 A.G. Files Suit Against Bulk Petroleum Corp. to Enforce Underground Storage Tank Laws .

January 2007

01-25-07 A.G. and Iowa DOT Sue Aardvark Auto Sales, Bruce and Tina Duque and Others, Alleging Consumer Fraud and Many Other Violations..
01-23-07 Bayer Corp. to Post Results of Clinical Trials, and Pay $8 Million..
01-18-07 Warning! Counterfeit Check "Lottery" Scam ..