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2004 Consumer News Releases

December 2004

12-16-04 Settlement Reached in "Pickles" the Steer Dispute.

November 2004

11-10-04 A.G. Sues "American Deputy Sheriffs' Assn."

October 2004

10-5-04 Iowa Teams With U.S. and Multi-National Officials in "Operation Roaming Charge," a Campaign Against Telemarketing Fraud.
10-1-04 A.G. Investigates "Spectacular Estate Auction" Set for Saturday in Sioux City -- then Company Cancels the Auction.

September 2004

9-17-04 A.G. Suit: Electronic Withdrawal Company Assisted Deceptive Telemarketing Schemes.
9-3-04 A.G. Impounds Mail Allegedly Part of Scams Targeting the Elderly.

August 2004

8-30-04 CDs Going to Iowa Libraries.
8-23-04 Iowa Receives More Tobacco Payments.
8-18-04 Grocery-Coupon "Business Opportunity" Scheme Barred From Iowa.

July 2004

7-21-04 Verizon, Cingular and Sprint PCS agree to coverage maps
and return policies that help consumers.

7-21-04 States Sue Top Five U.S. Global-Warming Polluters.

June 2004

6-30-04 Meat Seller Must Make Refunds.
6-29-04 Iowa Educators to Hone "Financial Literacy" Teaching Skills at Workshop.
6-11-04 States Allege Inflated Lease Payoffs -- Ford Motor Credit and Dealers Make Payments.
6-04-04 Iowans Receive $116,000 in "Taxol" Cancer-Drug Antitrust Settlement.

May 2004

5-28-04 Avoid Flood-Related Consumer Scams.
5-25-04 States Settle with Telecommunications Firm - New Access.
5-25-04 Iowa Court Orders California Alternative High School to Cease Iowa Operations.
5-19-04 Telemarketer Barred from Iowa -- and Must Make Full Refunds.
5-14-04 A.G. Sues Door-to-Door Meat Seller.

April 2004

4-30-04 Alleged Nationwide Scheme Preying on the Elderly Must Stay Out of Iowa - and Take Iowans Off Prospect Lists.
4-26-04 Miller: Medco to Change Deceptive and Unfair Business Practices.
4-2-04 Iowa asks Court to Shut Down "California Alternative High School".
4-1-04 Iowa Aims to Block Coal-Company Merger: Six States argue that merger could result in higher prices for crucial Wyoming coal -- and higher electricity rates for customers.

March 2004

3-2-04 Online Tobacco Company Barred from Sales in Iowa.
3-2-04 Davenport Citgo Business Sued for Consumer Fraud.

February 2004

2-27-04 Attorney General: Hired-Fundraiser Diverted Donations Meant for Charities.
2-19-04 113,000 Iowans About to Receive CD Payments Totaling Almost $1.6 Million.