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Consumer News Releases

2001 Consumer News Releases

December 2001

12-06-01 Attorney General Suggests How to Recover Funds Paid in "Gifting" Pyramids.

November 2001

11-23-01 Attorney General's Office Issues Warning: Avoid Illegal Pyramid.
11-13-01 Miller: Buying Clubs Ordered to Pay to Settle Deception Charges.
11-08-01 Miller: Firestone to Make More Consumer Refunds and Pay Half Million to State.
11-06-01 Microsoft Case: Iowa Not Settling at this Time.

October 2001

10-30-01 Miller: Put Allergy Notices on Food Labels.
10-25-01 Miller: Avoid Buying "Cipro" on Internet for Anthrax.

September 2001

9-20-01 Attorney General's Opinion: Cities have authority to require home inspections for homes sold on contract
9-13-01 Attorney General's Office Encourages Gasoline Refunds
9-12-01 Attorney General's Office Tells Gas Sellers to Avoid Exorbitant Prices
9-06-01 Remarks of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, a leader of the 18-State Microsoft Working Group of States, regarding plaintiffs not seeking breakup in Microsoft antitrust case
9-06-01 Miller Urges Iowans to File for $1 Million in Refunds in Prescription Drug Antitrust Case

August 2001

8-31-01 Attorney General Cautions: Avoid Campus Credit Card Debt Trap
8-30-01 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller On European Commission Microsoft Action Today
8-01-01 State Obtains Judgments Against Fort Dodge Health Club Operators: Defendants ordered to make refunds

July 2001

7-27-01 Statement by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller: On A Lawsuit to Block the United Airlines - US Airways Merger
7-26-01 Miller Tells Congressional Committee of Predatory Lending Problems and Vows They Will Be A Main Priority Of His Office
7-24-01 Aventis Signs Supplemental Agreement to Mitigate Losses from StarLink Corn; Miller says binding contract spells out how farmers can be compensated who found StarLink "Cry9C" protein completely unexpectedly
7-12-01 Comment of Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa, on on New Mexico announcing it is settling with Microsoft July 12, 2001
7-11-01 Statement of Tom Miller Attorney General of Iowa on Microsoft Announcing "Flexibility to OEMs"
7-10-01 Settlement With State Will Freeze Electric Rates for Five Years and Provide for New MidAmerican Energy Power Plants
7-03-01 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on Merger Being Called Off Between United Airlines and US Airways
7-03-01 Acting Consumer Advocate Named by Attorney General Miller
7-02-01 Iowa Joins Antitrust Suit Alleging Prescription Drug Maker Illegally Blocked Generic Version of Popular Blood Pressure Medication

June 2001

6-28-01 Statement of Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa, on the Microsoft Appeals Court Decision of June 28, 2001
6-26-01 Miller: Iowa Settles With Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes giant PCH must change practices and make consumer refunds
6-22-01 Bill Brauch Named Winner of Marvin Award
6-20-01 Comment from Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

May 2001

5-25-01 Statement of the Attorney General's Office: Charge is filed in the death of Tanner Wilson
5-23-01 Contact Lens Antitrust Lawsuit Settled - Lens Wearers Eligible for Benefits
5-17-01 Miller: Protect Farmers Threatened by Concentration in Agriculture
5-11-01 Statement of the Attorney General's Office Regarding Wunschel Oil Co. of Ida Grove
5-08-01 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on Use of Money for Education Purposes from the "Endowment for Iowa's Health"
5-02-01 Miller: Avoid Flood-Related Consumer Scams

April 2001

4-30-01 Miller: Iowans Eligible for $1 Million in Refunds in Case Alleging Monopoly Scheme by Giant Prescription Drug Maker
4-25-01 Miller: "Nigeria Letter Scam", Pitches are Hitting Heavily Again in Iowa
4-19-01 Attorney General's Office Concludes Gas Price Investigation
4-17-01 State's Tobacco Prevention Program is Effective and Essential and Should be Extended Without Cuts
4-16-01 Iowa Receives $35 Million from Tobacco Industry Today: Miller says the total received now tops $125 million

March 2001

3-16-01 State Sues Fort Dodge Health Club Operators
3-15-01 Attorney General Cracks Down on Home Repair Fraud
3-13-01 Miller Presents Testimony to U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Airline Competition Issues
3-01 Prevent Home Repair Scams and Disputes

February 2001

2-20-01 Bausch & Lomb to Pay $17.5 Million in Contact Lens Antitrust Case
2-2-01 Beware of Scheme Targeting African Americans

January 2001

1-17-01 Miller Backs US DOT on Protecting Competition in Airline Industry
1-16-01 Miller Proposes New Tobacco Laws: The measures focus on reducing sales to and use by young
1-04-01 Progressive Insurance Will Pay $87,500 to Buyers of "Salvage Title" Cars: Auto insurance company acknowledges that damaged cars should have been given a "salvage title" before being resold.