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For immediate release -- June 28, 2001.
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Statement of Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa, Microsoft Appeals Court Decision

We are very pleased with the Court's unanimous decision in the Microsoft case.

This unambiguous opinion affirming the key elements of our case is especially important since this Court was thought by many to be favorable to the company's views of the issues, in light of the Court's previous decisions in the antitrust area.

Our victory before this Court demonstrates conclusively our long-held contention that this case was founded upon traditional antitrust principles.

We would be very comfortable before the District Court in reviewing both our tying claims and the remedy necessary to address the findings of wrongdoing by Microsoft in maintaining its monopoly. We will have the opportunity to present again our claim that Microsoft illegally linked together its products to further protect its monopoly.

With a unanimous liability decision as the basis for a strong remedy, today's decision will offer us a powerful foundation for addressing that issue again before the District Court.

The states believe that recent activities by Microsoft will only strengthen our argument for strong remedies, including a possible break-up. The company's recent announcements regarding XP and Hailstorm indicate to us that Microsoft may be repeating its efforts to maintain and extend its monopoly even more broadly into the Internet.

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