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2000 Consumer News Releases

December 2000

12-29-00 Iowa Receives $19 Million from Tobacco Industry on Friday: Miller says the total received since late last year is $90 million.
12-08-00 Georgia Telemarketer Found Guilty of Felony Charges in Iowa Criminal Trial
12-05-00 Des Moines Agencies Receive Antitrust Funds from Attorney General Tom Miller for Toys and Educational Materials

November 2000

11-14-00 Court Orders Wunschel Oil to Let DNR Clean Up Petroleum Contamination Site in Ida Grove
11-04-00 Miller: Oil Overcharge Payments to Iowa Top $77 Million

October 2000

10-16-00 Miller: Replace "NHTSA Advisory" Tires as well as Bridgestone/Firestone Recalled Tires
10-13-00 Miller: Change Iowa Law to Increase Anti-Trust Recoveries

September 2000

9-26-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller: The U.S. Supreme Court today declined to hear the Microsoft case on direct appeal from the Federal District Court
9-22-00 Miller says US Bank Agrees to Protect Customer Privacy
9-20-00 State Wins Round One vs. U.S. Cellular
9-18-00 Miller Asks Congress for Power to Enforce Consumer Protection Laws Against Airlines
9-01-00 State Files Environmental Lawsuits Naming Wunschel Oil Company in Ida Grove

August 2000

8-29-00 Attorney General Issues Tips for Owners of Tires Recalled by Bridgestone/Firestone
8-18-00 Attorney General's Office Issues Warning: Avoid Illegal Pyramid
8-15-00 Attorney General Cautions: Avoid Campus Credit Card Trap!
8-09-00 Miller Backs Surgeon General's Plan to Reduce U.S. Smoking Rate by Half by 2010
8-08-00 States Sue Record Industry for Thwarting Competition in Sales of Compact Discs

July 2000

7-28-00 Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office: Update on Gas-Price Investigations
7-20-00 Miller: Protect Privacy of Toysmart.com Customers --Especially Kids
7-12-00 Iowa to be Paid in Case Alleging Monopoly Scheme by Giant Prescription Drug Maker

June 2000

6-26-00 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller: Attorney General Investigating Gas Price Increases
6-15-00 DeCoster to be Classified as First "Habitual Violator"
6-07-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller Regarding Judge Jackson's Decision in the Microsoft Antitrust Case

May 2000

5-17-00 Comment by the Microsoft Working Group on the reply by the States and US Justice to Microsoft's Proposed Remedies
5-17-00 American Family Publishers to Change Sweepstakes Tactics
5-10-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Microsoft's Proposed Remedies

April 2000

4-28-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Microsoft Remedies Proposed by the States and the U.S. Department of Justice
4-25-00 "Tuff Customer" Project Helps Teens
4-17-00 Iowa Receives $31 Million from Tobacco Industry Today
4-11-00 Iowa Sues United States Cellular
4-03-00 Statement by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Microsoft Conclusions of Law

March 2000

3-16-00 Miller Warns Car Buyers: Beware of North Carolina Flood-Damaged Cars
3-06-00 Miller: Iowa Receiving Share of $34 Million Settlement with Shoe Maker "Nine West"

February 2000

2-18-00 Long-Distance Telephone "Slammer" Ordered to Pay Refunds
2-14-00 Attorney General Takes Action on Online Auction Complaints
2-11-00 Miller: Iowa Lags in Reducing Tobacco Use
2-09-00 Court Orders "Special Master" in Smithfield/Murphy/Stoecker Case
2-04-00 State Alleges "Sham" Transactions in Smithfield/Murphy Acquisition Case
2-02-00 State of Iowa Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Iowa's ATM Law

January 2000

1-26-00 Miller Asks Court to Order Publishers Clearing House to Cooperate with Investigation or Stop Operation in Iowa
1-25-00 Judge Blocks Smithfield Foods Acquisition of Iowa Assets of Murphy Farms
1-24-00 Miller Sues Smithfield Foods to Block Acquisition of Murphy Farms in Iowa
1-11-00 Consumer Protection Division Sues Bettendorf Marketers of "Breast-enlargement" Device
1-07-00 A Tobacco-Prevention Plan for Iowa's Kids, Iowa's Health, and Iowa's Future