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Latest News

February 2000
2-22-00 Oral Arguments on Conclusions of Law in the Microsoft Antitrust Case
2-18-00 Long-Distance Telephone "Slammer" Ordered to Pay Refunds
2-14-00 Attorney General Takes Action on Online Auction Complaints
2-11-00 Miller: Iowa Lags in Reducing Tobacco Use
2-09-00 Court Orders "Special Master" in Smithfield/Murphy/Stoecker Case
2-04-00 State Alleges "Sham" Transactions in Smithfield/Murphy Acquisition Case
2-02-00 State of Iowa Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Iowa's ATM Law

January 2000
1-26-00 Miller Asks Court to Order Publishers Clearing House to Cooperate with Investigation or Stop Operation in Iowa
1-25-00 Judge Blocks Smithfield Foods Acquisition of Iowa Assets of Murphy Farms
1-24-00 Miller Sues Smithfield Foods to Block Acquisition of Murphy Farms in Iowa
1-11-00 Consumer Protection Division Sues Bettendorf Marketers of "Breast-enlargement" Device
1-07-00 A Tobacco-Prevention Plan for Iowa's Kids, Iowa's Health, and Iowa's Future

December 1999
12-31-99 State Receives $18,703,406.37 from Tobacco Companies
12-30-99 Warning: "Y2K readiness survey that asks for fax-reply to 900-number
12-22-99 Mattel Delivers 5,228 More Toys to Iowa
12-20-99 State Settles Suit With Company That Sold Medical Discount Cards
12-07-99 Jury Commits Offender Under Sexually Violent Predator Law
12-03-99 Attorneys General Call for Action Against "Bidi" Cigarettes

November 1999
11-23-99 Tobacco Settlement One Year Old Today
11-16-99 States Blow Whistle on MCI Billing Practice
11-12-99 Miller: Green Light for Tobacco Payments to States
11-09-99 Miller Announces Timely Tips for Charitable Giving
11-05-99 Comment of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on the States' view of remedies in the MS case
11-05-99 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Judge Jackson's Microsoft Findings
(View Judge Jackson's full Findings of Fact)

October 1999
10-22-99 Altoona Waste Hauler Sentenced
10-13-99 Court Orders Civil Commitment of Offender
10-08-99 Attorney General's Farm Division Warns Producers About Forms Concerning Genetically Modified Grain

September 1999
9-30-99 Attorney General Tom Miller announced today that Mazda Motor of America Inc. has agreed to change its national ads for auto lease vehicles and to pay $50,000 to Iowa as part of the settlement
9-23-99 10,000 New Kids Smoking in Iowa
9-22-99 Miller Welcomes U.S. Tobacco Lawsuit
9-10-99 "A Thousand Lives": Miller Unveils Tobacco Health Plan
9-01-99 Miller Questions Publishers Clearing House Class Action Settlement

August 1999
8-23-99 Tobacco Companies Pay Iowa $1 Million
8-12-99 31 N.W. Iowa School Districts Receiving $141,480 as a Result of Alleged Price-Fixing in School Milk Sales
8-09-99 State Files Criminal Charges Naming Michael Strope

July 1999
7-08-99 DeCoster Farms Decision by the Iowa Supreme Court Statement of the Attorney General's Office
7-01-99 Miller Organizes Support for Loosening Airport "Slot" Restrictions
7-01-99 Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office regarding law enforcement decertification of David Brucher

June 1999
6-30-99 Iowa to Receive $76 million in tobacco payments no later than one year from today. Miller: Use tobacco funds to prevent youth addiction and improve health of Iowans
6-22-99 Attorney General: Stop Solicitation Disguised as a Notice That Consumers Have Packages to Claim
6-07-99 Tobacco Money One Step Closer to Iowa
6-02-99 Court Orders DeCoster Farms to Pay $25,000 in Penalties
6-02-99 Brian David Bahr pleads guilty to reckless driving vehicular homicide and reckless driving causing serious injury

May 1999
5-25-99 Toys 'R' Us Will Pay over $40 Million in Cash and Toys to Settle States' Antitrust Lawsuit
5-24-99 Protection for Contract Growers Becomes Law
5-05-99 William E. Davis Enters Guilty Plea to Failing to File Required Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports

April 1999
4-29-99 Georgia Telemarketer Pleads Guilty
4-23-99 Tobacco Billboards Come Down
4-23-99 Attorney General Files Suit Alleging Violation of "One Call"
4-20-99 Law Court Orders First Civil Commitment of Offender

March 1999
3-17-99 State Attorneys General Urge Congress to Protect Farmers and Consumers by Requiring Full Reporting of Livestock
3-16-99 Miller Sues Company That Sells Medical Discount Cards
3-15-99 Miller Tells Congress: Leave Tobacco Settlement Money With States
3-12-99 State will investigate whether TWA and other airlines are engaged in predatory pricing at the expense of AccessAir
3-10-99 Lipo Slim Briefs: "Not Available in Iowa."
3-04-99 "We recommend that doubts and uncertainty be resolved in favor of paying the prize."
3-03-99 Miller Files Long Distance "Slamming" Suit

February 1999
2-25-99 Miller Warns Marshalltown Area About "Nigeria Letter Scam"
2-16-99 Iowa Developing "Crisis Response Teams"
2-15-99 Fairfield Water Treatment Plant Officials Plead Guilty to Falsification of Records
2-12-99 Miller Files Suit Against Alleged "Toner Pirate"
2-10-99 Judge Rules Midwest Pork is not a "sham" company
2-08-99 Monroe County Sheriff Pleads Guilty to Felony
2-05-99 Miller in Rochester NY for Airline Competition
2-04-99 Criminal Telemarketing Charge Filed
2-03-99 Miller Hails Decision in Northwest Airlines Case

January 1999
1-29-99 1999 Legislative Proposals
1-29-99 Additional environmental crime charges are filed
1-25-99 Governor Vilsack and Attorney General Miller Call for Juvenile Court Liaisons in Iowa Schools

December 1998
12-31-98 Proposed Tobacco Legislation
12-30-98 Attorney General Investigates Weight-loss Claims
12-21-98 Statement of the Attorney General's Office following the ruling by Judge Pratt
12-19-98 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller: "I am dismayed because I do not believe impeachment was warranted under the law..."
12-16-98 Miller Tackles "Identity Theft"
12-14-98 Attorney General Asks Court to Order American Family Publishers to Provide Information on its Sweepstakes
12-10-98 Miller: Hasbro will provide more than 4,700 new toys to "Toys for Tots" in Iowa under settlement of an antitrust case
12-08-98 Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office in response to U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Knowles v. Iowa
12-08-98 Miller: Provide Lien to Protect Pork Producers
12-07-98 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller: Comment on South Carolina Withdrawing from Microsoft Antitrust Action

November 1998
11-25-98 Las Vegas Contest Promoters Banned From Iowa, Ordered To Pay $90,000 For Targeting Elderly Iowans
11-23-98 Tobacco Settlement Final. Iowa's Share: $1.7 Billion
11-16-98 Miller and State Attorneys General Announce Tobacco Settlement Proposal
11-13-98 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on the Farm Situation in Iowa
11-12-98 Miller Issues Warning about Charity Scams
11-02-98 Papetti's of Iowa Pays $169,900 Penalty Resulting from Illegal Discharge and Pretreatment Violations at Lenox Egg-Processing Plant

October 1998
10-26-98 "Attorney General Warns Offices about Labor Poster Solicitation"
10-23-98 Attorney General Tom Miller Announces $1 million Settlement with Long Distance "Slammer"
10-20-98 26 States Ask Supreme Court to Reverse 1976 Ruling that Struck Limits on Campaign Spending
10-12-98 Miller Announces "Office Scam Alert Project"
10-02-98 Criminal Charges Filed Alleging Falsification of Records by Two Fairfield Water Treatment Plant Officials

September 1998
9-29-98 The Liggett Tobacco Company Pays Iowa $50,000
9-28-98 State Asks Court for Injunction Prohibiting Ft. Dodge Tire Facility from Accepting More Waste Tires
9-22-98 Deadline Friday for Consumers and Businesses to File Comments on Airline Pricing and Competition
9-16-98 State Attorneys General Urge Congress to Protect Farmers and Consumers by Requiring Public Disclosure of Key Information in Livestock Marketing
9-11-98 State Files Second Petition Requesting Civil Commitment Under the New Sexually Violent Predator Law September 11, 1998
9-08-98 States Fight for Competition in Airline Pricing
9-03-98 Las Vegas Telemarketer Going to Prison for Bilking Woman in Aplington Area in Northeast Iowa
9-02-98 Attorney General Tom Miller and Iowa Association of School Boards Call for Schools to Adopt Safety Plans

August 1998
8-20-98 On the First Filing by the State Under the New Sexually Violent Predator Law
8-98 Environmental Lawsuit Filed Naming Dodger Enterprise Co., Tire Chop, Inc., and Donald Grell
8-98 Dubuque Auto Dealer Ordered To Forfeit Dealer's License
Mail for Questionable "Veterans" Organization Impounded

July 1998
7-98 Miller: Used Car Buyers Gain Car Titles and Refunds
7-98 Miller: "Sweepstakes Clearinghouse" Ordered to Pay Iowa $90,000 and Comply With State Consumer Protection Law
7-98 Attorney General Files Environmental Crime Charges Against Gilbert Thomas, Doing Business as Des Moines Septic Service
7-98 State Attorneys General Tighten Focus of Microsoft Complaint for Upcoming Trial
7-98 Miller Comment on Candy Cigarettes -- Investigation Ended
7-98 Miller: "Campus Card" Refunds Coming -- Company Out of Business

June 1998
6-98 Connecticut Mail-Order Health and Beauty Company Penalized for Misleading Ads and Marketing in Iowa
6-98 A report on the "Tobacco Wars" and the situation in Iowa
6-98 Attorney General Asks Court to Enforce Subpoena Seeking Information from Publishers Clearing House