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First You Win, Then You Lose
Smarter Holiday Shopping
The Drive to Destroy
Charitable Giving
Navigating the New Health Insurance Marketplace
Tips for Happier Holiday Shopping
Giving Wisely: A Guide to Charitable Giving and Avoiding Charity Fraud
Work-at-Home Scams: Money for Nothing
Choosing and Buying the Right Pet
A Lesson in For-Profit Colleges
Identity Theft & Medical Identity Theft Target Older Iowans
Door-to-Door Sales: Your Right to Cancel
Tax Refund Loans: High Costs for Quick Cash
The U.S. Census: Be Counted, but Don't be Cheated
The National "Do Not Call" List
Gift Card Fact Sheet: Tips for Consumers
“Take the Grand Scam Challenge” – consumer education games and quizzes online
Caution: Watch What You Sign
Health Privacy Act Takes Effect April 14.
Consumers will receive notices with information about their rights to keep medical information private

Protect Yourself from "Identity Theft"
Beware of Scheme Targeting African Americans
Purchases at Seminars: The Consumer's Right to Cancel
Don't Sign Up for a "Scam". Prize Giveaways may Expose you to Scams or Unwanted Solicitations
Tobacco Wars -- and How You Can Volunteer!