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Special to Colleges and Universities - October 2007

More Sources on Students and Credit Card Debt Suggested by the Office of Attorney General Tom Miller

  • “Credit Cards on Student Income: Proceed with Caution and Shop With Care” – A Consumer Advisory Bulletin by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Find the Advisory online at the Attorney General’s web site: www.IowaAttorneyGeneral.org (Click on “Protecting Consumers,” then “Consumer Advisories.”) If you would like an e-mail or fax copy of the Advisory, please call Debra Moore at 515-281-8770.

  • “Avoid the Campus Credit Card Trap,” a PIRG Fact Sheet for College Students. PIRG is the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. Excellent tips for students. Find the fact sheet at www.pirg.org/student/consumer/credit.htm

  • “Graduating Into Debt: Credit Card Marketing” a study completed in February 2004 on Maryland
    college campuses by the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition and Maryland PIRG. It’s available at www.truthaboutcredit.org

  • “The Truth About Credit,” a project of PIRG has a wealth of other information about credit cards at www.truthaboutcredit.org

    Additional documents available include:
    “Ten Credit Card Traps”
    “Navigating Credit Card Offers”
    “Terms You Should Know”

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